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Rules and Regulations:  Shut Off Rules

Discontinuance of Water Service: Water service will be discontinued to any water user or property on account of temporary vacancy of such property upon written request of the water user, without in any way affecting the agreement in force, and upon payment of all charges due as provided in the Rules and Regulations of the Owner.

In the event that water service is discontinued for any reason other than the temporary vacancy of the property, or in the event that it is discontinued and another source of water supply is used for the property, then reconnection shall be made only in the event that the minimum bill for the period of disconnection shall be paid by the water user or owner of the property, the maximum amount being $300.00. In addition, all previously unpaid bills, plus six percent (6%) interest thereon, shall be paid before reconnection shall be allowed for such water user or property.

In the event that an applicant for water services has purchased or otherwise acquired the property and holds title thereto and the previous landowner had discontinued water service other than because of the temporary vacancy thereof, said applicant shall not be required to pay the above reconnection charges as a result of the conduct or actions of the previous landowner but shall be required to pay only a connection charge of five dollars ($5.00) plus a one hundred dollar ($100.00) deposit.

In the case of a water user who had discontinued from the system for a reason other than the vacancy of the property, or in the case of a landowner of such property desiring to restore service, then such water user or landowner shall pay, in addition to the charges above set forth, a reconnection charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) for reconnecting said property to the system of the Owner.

Except in the case of failure of the water user to pay the bill owed the Owner for water service, as set forth in these Rules and Regulations, the Owner will not discontinue the service of any water user for violation of any Rule or Regulation of the Owner, without written notice of a least two (2) days, mailed to such customer at his address as shown upon the Owner’s records, or personally delivered to the water user or a member of the household, advising the water user what Rule has been violated for which service will be discontinued if the violation is permitted to continue. Provided, however, that where misrepresentation of use of water is detected, or where the Owner’s regulating or measuring equipment has been tampered with, or where a dangerous condition is found to exist on the water user's premises, service may be shut off without notice in advance. Subject to the foregoing provisions, service rendered under any application, contract or agreement may be discontinued by the Owner for any of the following reasons:


  • For willful or indifferent waste of water due to any cause.
  • For failure to protect from injury or damage the meter and connections, or for failure to protect and maintain the service pipe, or fixtures on the property of the water user (or the property occupied by the water user) in a condition satisfactory to the Owner.
  • For molesting or tampering by the water user, or others with the knowledge of the water user, with any meter, connections, service pipe, curb cock, seal, valve or any other appliance of the Owner’s controlling or regulating the water user’s water supply.
  • For failure to provide the Owner’s employees free and reasonable access to the property supplied, or for obstructing the way of ingress to the meter or other appliances controlling or regulating the water user’s water supply.
  • For non-payment of any account for water supplied, for water service, or for meter or service maintenance, or for any other fee or charge accruing under these Rules and Regulations, the rate schedule of the Owner.
  • In case of vacancy of the premises.
  • For violation of any Rules and Regulations of the Owner.
  • For any practice or act prohibited by the Missouri Division of Health.
  • For failure to allow any Owner’s employee, officer, agent or representative the right to inspect the water user’s premises for any purpose set forth in these Rules and Regulations.

The discontinuance of the supply of water to a property for any reason shall not prevent the Owner for pursuing any lawful remedy by action at law or otherwise for the collection of monies due from the water user or property owner.

Water will not be turned on to any property unless there is at least one adult person therein at such time to see that all water outlets in the premises are closed to prevent damage by escaping water.

Only an employee, officer or agent of the Owner may turn on water and all applicants and water users are expressly forbidden to do so.

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