EPA Lead & Copper Survey

To Our Valued Water Customers,

How would you like the opportunity to help the Water District, Yourself and be entered in a drawing for some fabulous prizes? All you need to do is fill out the questionnaire that we have included with this letter and return it to our office or put it in our drop box by April 10, 2024. You will then be entered into a raffle drawing for gifts like:

  • Visa Gift Cards
  • Green Mountain Grill
  • Yeti Coolers
  • Henry Golden Boy 22 Long Rifle
  • and many more...

Why are we doing this? 

Per the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines, all water systems must prepare an inventory of all service lines connected to its distribution system. This inventory is intended to identify both the district’s service lines as well as each customer’s service line. Water systems must include inventory service lines, connected to vacant or abandoned buildings, even if they are unoccupied and the water service is turned off. This means every water meter connected to the distribution system needs to be inventoried even if it is inactive (shut off and/or locked). The proposed Lead and Copper Rule is a major advancement in protecting children and adults from the significant and irreversible health effects from being exposed to lead in drinking water. There is no safe level of lead in drinking water.

Locating and knowing where lead pipes exist is critical to replacing them efficiently. So please, take a few minutes to answer the questions. The incentive for doing this is so we do not have to hire a third party company for this procedure and keep our water rates affordable.

In April of 2024 a drawing will be held to pick our winners, For each meter inventoried, a ticket will be added to our raffle.

Thank you for your help,


Here is a short video with helpful information of identifying different types of water lines.



Click on the document below(EPA Survey Form) to complete the survey inventory