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Rules and Regulations:  Service Rules

Service for the Sole Use of the Water User: The standard water service connection is for the sole use of the water user, and does not permit the extension of pipes to transfer water from one property to any other consumer, nor will the user share, resell, or submeter water to any other consumer. If an emergency or specific situation should make such an arrangement advisable, it shall be done only in specific written permission of the Owner for the duration of the emergency. No more than one residence shall be served by one water service connection. A farm containing one residence and other buildings for use in the farming operation shall be considered as one residence and the water user may use water from one meter for all such buildings; provided that in the event that a farm contains two or more residences, a meter shall be required for each residence, unless the Owner shall find such to be an unusual hardship upon the water user, in which case a special agreement may be made concerning such additional residence, and the rules for a multiple-unit dwelling as set forth in these Rules and Regulations shall be applied to determine the rate for such farm containing two residences.

Right to Inspect: Representatives of the Owner shall have the right at all reasonable hours to enter upon the water user’s premises to read and test meters, inspect piping, and to perform other duties for the maintenance and operation of service, or to remove its meters and equipment upon discontinuance of service by the water user.

Piping Work to be Inspected: All piping work in connection with pipe and services connected with the Owner’s main shall be submitted to the inspection of the Owner before such underground work is covered up. Whenever the Owner determines that a job of plumbing is obviously defective, although not in direct violation, the Owner may require that it be corrected before the water will be turned on. The Owner may prescribe the type of materials and the standard of workmanship to be followed in enforcing this section.

Cross Connections and Interconnections: The Owner will not allow to be made any physical connection in its water supply system to that of any other pipe system or equipment, where such other pipe system or equipment in any manner receives all or any part of its supply of water directly or indirectly from wells, streams, or any source other than that of the water system of the Owner.

No interconnection or cross-connection, as defined below, shall be permitted. The making, causing or permitting of the installation or existence of any interconnection or cross-connection shall constitute a violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Owner and such prohibited connection shall be removed forthwith in a manner acceptable to the Owner and the duly constituted public health officials.

Failure to do so within two days from and after date of notification by the Owner may result in discontinuance of water service without further notice.

When used in these Rules and Regulations, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning herein provided:


Cross-Connection:  A cross-connection is any pipe, valve, or other arrangement or device, connecting the pipe lines of the Owner or facilities directly or indirectly connected therewith to and with pipes or fixtures supplied with water from any source other than the lines of the Owner directly connected.

Interconnection: An interconnection is a plumbing arrangement, other than a cross-connection, by which contamination might be admitted or drawn into the distribution system of the Owner, or into lines connected therewith, which are used for the conveyance of potable water.


The owner shall have the right at all hours to enter upon water user’s premises for the purpose of inspection and enforcement of the provision.

Customer’s Duty Regarding Service Lines: The water user’s service pipe and all connections and fixtures attached thereto shall be subject to the inspection of the Owner before the water will be turned on, if the Owner so elects, and all properties receiving a supply of water and all service pipes, meters and fixtures, including any and all fixtures within any improvements or buildings on said properties, shall at all reasonable hours be subject to inspection by any duly authorized employee or agent of the Owner.

All service pipes shall be laid at all points a least forty-two (42) inches below the surface of the ground and shall be placed on firm and continuous earth so as to give unyielding and permanent support. They shall not be laid in sewer ditches. It shall be installed in the trench at least 18 inches in a horizontal direction, in undisturbed earth, from any other trench where are laid gas pipe, sewer pipe, or for other facility public or private. Such service line shall not pass through premises other than that to be supplied unless the Owner shall so agree in writing.

Water user shall, at his own cost and expense, make all changes in the service pipe required to rendered necessary on account of changes in the street grades, relocation of mains, or other causes.

No fixture shall be attached to, or any branch made in, the service pipe between the main of the Owner and the meter.

Any repairs or maintenance necessary to the service pipe or any pipe or fixture in or upon the water user’s premises shall be performed by the water user at his sole expense and risk.

Service pipes must be kept and maintained in good condition and free from all leaks, and for failure to do so the water supply may be discontinued.

The Owner shall in no event be liable for any damage done or inconvenience caused by reason of any break, leak or defect in, or by water escaping from service pipes, or from fixtures on the premises of the owner or water user. The water user shall be billed in the usual manner for the cost of all such water according to the rate schedule of the Owner as provided for in these Rules and Regulations.

No One But Owner’s Employee May Turn Water Off or On: No one but an employee or a person authorized by the Owner shall turn on water or shut off water to any water user or to any property, except in the case of escaping water.

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