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Rules and Regulations:  Meters

Meters Furnished by Owner:  Meters will be furnished, installed, owned, inspected, tested and kept in proper operating condition by the Owner, without cost to the water user, except that such water user shall pay a connection fee no less than $1300.00 which includes owner's deposit. Connection portion of fee shall not be refundable. The complete record of tests and histories of meters will be kept if deemed necessary by the Owner, Meter tests will be made according to methods of the American Waterworks Association by the Owner as often as deemed necessary by the Owner.

Meter Accuracy:  Service meter errors which do not exceed two percent (2%) fast or slow shall be considered as being within the allowable limits of accuracy for billing purposes. The percentage of error will be considered as that arrived at by taking the average of the error at full load and that at ten percent (10%) load, unless a water user’s rate of usage is known to be practically constant, in which case the error at such constant use will be used.

Meter Location:  Meters shall be set in an accessible place on the outside of buildings, except where otherwise directed by the Owner. All meters shall be set horizontally and never connected into a vertical pipe. Meters outside of the buildings shall be placed in meter boxes furnished and installed by the Owner.

Requested Meter Tests:  Meter tests requested by water users shall be performed without cost to the water user if the meter is found to be in excess of two percent (2%) fast. Otherwise, the water user for whom the requested test was made will be charged $30.00 or the actual cost of making the test, if higher.

Water User’s Responsibility:  The water user shall be responsible for any damage to the meter installed for his service, for any cause other than normal wear and tear.


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