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Rules and Regulations:  General Rules

General:  No person shall turn the water on or off at any street valve, corporation cock, curb cock or other street connection, or disconnect or remove any meter without the consent of the Owner. Any person removing a meter without the Owner's knowledge and consent will be assessed a $100.00 tampering charge plus the cost of materials if any damage is caused to the meter, connections or service pipe.

No employee or agent of the Owner shall have the right or authority to bind it by any promise, agreement or representation contrary to the letter of intent of these Rules and Regulations or the laws of the State of Missouri.

Any complaint against the service or employees of the Owner should be made at the office of the Owner in writing.

The service pipes, meters and fixtures on the water user's property shall at all reasonable hours be accessible to the Owner for observation or inspection.

In the event the total water supply shall be insufficient to meet all of the needs of the water users, or in the event there is a shortage of water, the Owner may pro-rate the water available among the various users on such basis as is deemed equitable by the Owner and may also prescribe a schedule of hours, covering the use of water for purposes specified and require adherence thereto, or prohibit the use of water for certain specified purposes if at any time the total water supply shall be insufficient to meet all of the needs of all of the water users for domestic, livestock, garden and other purposes, and the Owner must first satisfy all the needs of the water users for domestic purposes before supplying any water for livestock purposes and must satisfy the needs of all the water users for domestic and livestock purposes before supplying water of other purposes.


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