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Rules and Regulations:  Main Extension

Main Extensions:  Extensions of water mains and lines shall be made by the Owner upon written application on a form approved by the Owner. If said application is approved, the main or line shall be extended provided that:

  • Applicant pays all construction, engineering and legal expense of such extension. Payment for the meter set shall be made in advance to the Owner. Construction costs such as trenching or boring will be billed separately and paid directly to the contractor
  • Before granting to an applicant the right to make such extension, or before entering into an agreement therefore, the Owner shall first determine that the extension will not materially affect in an adverse manner the service rendered to any existing customers of the Owner. In the event the Owner determines, based upon information furnished by its employees and consultants, that such extension would have material adverse affect upon existing water users of the Owner, then the Owner shall not permit such extension.

Upon satisfactory completion and testing, the improvements shall be dedicated, free and clear of all encumbrances, to the Owner.

All plans and specifications for main extensions or improvements will be approved by the Owner and the appropriate agency of the State of Missouri.

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