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Rules and Regulations:  Billing Rules

Water User’s Bills:  Bills will be rendered for service by the tenth day following the close of the period for which the service was rendered as set forth in the rate schedule. Service bills not paid by the tenth shall be subject to a ten percent (10%) late charge. Failure of the Owner to submit a service bill shall not excuse the water user from his obligation to pay for the water used when the bill is submitted. Failure to pay a bill by the designated cut off date following the close of the period for which service was rendered shall result in the disconnection of the service and such disconnection shall be made without the necessity of notice to the water user. Any damage resulting to the water user or any property of the water user or the landowner of the property occupied by the water user shall not be the responsibility of the Owner, its agents or employees. The Owner, its agents and employees shall not be liable to the water user or the landowner of any property used, held, occupied, rented, or leased by the water user for any such damage when disconnection is made according to these Rules and Regulations, and it shall be immaterial that no notice of such disconnection was given to the water user or to said property owner.

In the case of a leak on the customer's side of the meter the customer may pay said leak at a rate of five percent (5%) of the total bill with a miniumum of $25.00 plus the regular monthly bill. In the event the five percent (5%) or $25.00 would cause undue hardship to a customer on limited income, arrangements may be made to lower the minimum payment due on the leak.

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